Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Acid Splasher Is Back!!!!


Attention! I just got this message from my beloved friend.. Please be careful and spread to others...

After a while of silence, this mad man is back again. It is likely he was in prison and is now out. The police should check on those who served short terms in prison and have just been released.

Attention: Last night at 8.15pm the acid splasher was around PKNS complex shah alam. 1 lady got splashed. At 9.30pm another lady got splashed around Summit USJ area. Splasher on the run riding Honda EX5 motorcycle No Plate WPV 4963. Pls pass this on. TQ!!!

A friend reports that the Acid Splasher has been seen in Damansara Uptown & Kota Damansara.

Modus Operandi is to knock on the car window (mostly women drivers) & splash acid if poor driver winds down window.
He has a 'sad face' & is Indian. When you refuse to open the window, he will yell at you & be more aggressive.

He carries a yellow bottle (likely to be acid behind his back).
Don't be BLUR & open.

One of the victim is my friend's friend's friend currently hospitalized & blinded (not to mention disfigured).

Do not open the car window,immediately take note of the clothes
he is wearing & rush home / or make police report.

This is not a spam mail. I am writing after reading my friend's email.

Motor Honda EX5, no WPV 4963 motor suspek simbah asid, got the information dari balai tun razak, please alert everyone for safety of our love one "


precious moment said...

uuhh..bahayanye..kena hati2!

Ieka Zalikha said...

betul! hati-hati je..even tempat ramai orang..benda camni tak boleh nak duga..